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Ram Castillo in West Michigan

I had the pleasure of attending one of Ram Castillo’s ( giantthinkers.com ) tour stops, and got some great sketchnotes to encapsulate the presentation. Ram was a real pleasure to chat with, very personable and dedicated to his vision. If you haven’t yet, check out his book “Get a Job As A Designer. Guaranteed”.

Thanks to the AIGA Diversity Council of West Michigan for the chance for Kendall College of FSU and West Michigan to have him speak!

Ram Castillo sketchnotes

Falling concept

I found an old concept I had done for fun illustrating an event from my childhood. I had been dreaming deeply when I rolled over and fell from the top bunk in my room, and while falling I woke up. To this day that sensation of exiting a dream in flight is one of my strangest experiences yet!